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Girl Guide Association opens refurbished headquarters

Girl Guide Association opens refurbished headquarters


The Girl Guide Association of St.Vincent and the Grenadines now has more spacious headquarters in which to carry out its activities.{{more}}

The facility, located at Level Gardens was officially reopened on Thursday, April 29th, 2009.

Gwendoline Russell, President of the Girl Guide Association, disclosed that the building was extended and renovated at a cost of EC$650,000. EC$400,000 was granted by the ALBA-Caribe Fund through the Government of St.Vincent and the Grenadines, EC$102,000 by the Ronald and Louise Casson Foundation, and EC$30,000 by May Munroe Parker, a former Girl Guide who served the organization for several years as council member and treasurer.

Recounting the history of the project, Russell said that UNESCO had granted the organization US$20,000 in computer equipment, and as a result, the question of setting up a computer room arose. This led to a major project which included refurbishing and extending the facility.

“What really started as a small project to teach computer skills eventually became a much larger undertaking,” said Russell.

Russell stated that there are plans to establish a camp fire ring on the site of the original hut, construct a hard court, a parking area, as well as a security booth.

Russell said classes in Computer Science are set to start this summer and plans are also in place to cover disciplines such as Social Graces and Hospitality Studies.

“Whatever we do, as always will be geared towards helping our young people to be equipped with skills to assist them in life. Every young person and some not so young need to know how to use a computer in this day and age,” said Russell.

She challenged the guides to take care of the facility and to ensure that it is not defaced or deliberately damaged in any way.

“I hope that you would all share and enjoy many happy days in this new and renovated building,” Russell exclaimed.

Rosita Snagg, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Mobilisation, appealed to adults across the country to find some time to assist the young people in the country.

“If the youth movements which include the Girl Guides Association are to survive, then all of us adults must lend a hand and keep the youth programmes alive,” said Snagg, as she pledged her support and that of her ministry to assist the Girl Guides in whatever way they may need help.

Acting Prime Minister Sir Louis Straker, delivering remarks, congratulated the leaders of the Girl Guides Movement for their vision, hard work, and for their persistence in working towards fulfilling the needs of young Vincentians.

Straker told the leaders that they have paved the way for a younger generation to thread feet on a firmer ground.

“I want to tell the young people that though they may receive this building and it’s free to them, it is not cheap. Therefore, they have an obligation to make sure that they thread softly, they treat it with respect. Too many of our young people can’t write in school, but they love to write on the walls. And, so many times the walls of these buildings are desecrated because they like to see themselves writing on the wall,” said Sir Louis.

Construction work on the building was carried out by Edwards Construction. (HN)