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Farmers benefit from compost production

Farmers benefit from compost production


From now on, Vincentian farmers can profit from compost – a mixture of decayed plant matter and manure, which can be used for making the soil richer.{{more}}

In April, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Taiwan Technical Mission, formally began a programme to introduce the method of making compost to the Vincentian farmers. The first step of the programme was to locate farmers with pig pens, to create manure, which can be used to make compost.

On April 8th, Reuben Robertson, the Chief Agricultural Officer, Chief Chin Yu LEE, Ming-zing LEE and Shen Chuan SU of the Mission visited Avil Scott’s pig pen in Rabacca. The Mission demonstrated how to make compost and offered a manual edited by the Mission for Scott’s reference. The Mission also explained that the farmers can use compost on their own farm or sell it. Also, making decayed plant matter and manure into useful compost, will benefit the natural environment.

After their demonstration, Robertson stressed that the farmers will definitely profit from the compost program and the Ministry will assist with letting farmers know the advantages of compost.

In fact, the compost program is a direct response to a concern expressed by the Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, about expensive artificial fertilizers. The Ambassador of the Embassy of Republic of China (Taiwan), Leo LEE, then instructed the Taiwan Mission to begin to introduce compost to the Vincentian farmers.

The programme will be extended to crop farmers and schools in the near future. Taiwan Mission welcomes those who are interested in the programme to contact the Mission or ask for the Compost Manual.