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Fairbain’s gas problem not political

Fairbain’s gas  problem not political


A retired businessman is convinced that a local company is refusing to sell him Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) because of politics, but this claim has been refuted by the Ministry of Trade.{{more}}

David Fairbain, an 82-year-old resident of Campden Park is claiming that the SVG Petro Caribe refuses to sell him LPG because they think he is affiliated with the opposition New Democratic Party.

Fairbain said he previously owned the D. Fairbain Gas business at Campden Park, and now rents the building to another person, who operates a similar business there.

According to Fairbain, his problem with the company began around October of 2007 when he said that SVG Petro Caribe seized several empty gas bottles, which he said he had bought from them. Fairbain said he consulted a lawyer at that time, and received compensation for the bottles.

Fairbain is now claiming more recent problems with the company. According to him, although he bought 100 pound LPG bottles from the company, yet they still refuse to sell him gas.

Fairbain said that about three weeks ago, he sent someone to buy the gas, but he was told that there was no gas available for him. Fairbain, who says he uses the gas to cook, has since purchased gas from another retailer, but says the situation is upsetting.

However when Searchlight contacted Trade Officer Fay Ferguson, she said that the company has nothing personal against Fairbain and that SVG Petro Caribe refused to sell him gas because he did not adhere to certain rules. According to Ferguson, Fairbain used to sell his gas at $35 per bottle when the recommended price was set at $29 per bottle. “I went there myself and bought one,” Ferguson said. Ferguson also stated that because of Fairbain’s practices it was decided that company would no longer sell him gas.(OS)