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CMMB teaches importance of saving and budgeting

CMMB teaches importance of saving and budgeting


The key to financial freedom is closer than you may think.

With the assistance of the Caribbean Money Market Brokers (CMMB), individuals can find their way to their economical goal.{{more}}

On Tuesday, April 28th, the CMMB, one of this country’s newest financial institutions, held the first in a series of free seminars entitled “Importance of Saving and Budgeting”.

More than 80 participants from various walks of life attended the seminar, which was held at the Frenches House in Kingstown. The interactive session examined various methods of money management, including budgeting, tips for saving, principles of debt management and financial planning.

The seminar was conducted by St. Lucian, Sharmaine Francois, business development manager of CMMB.

Francois explored the practice of budgeting in order to evaluate spending patterns, control expenditure and define and meet saving goals.

She urged participants to assess their current financial situation and identify ways they could improve, using methods discussed in the seminar.

The nine-year-old company, which has its headquarters in Trinidad and Tobago, was established here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines last month.

The company is located at Murray’s Road and is managed by Norlann Gabriel. (JJ)