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St. Clair Dacon Young Leaders want cleaner, greener world

St. Clair Dacon Young Leaders want cleaner, greener world


Young Leaders at the St. Clair Dacon Secondary School this week pledged to use the experience harnessed during the execution of their environmental project as a stimulus that will impact their homes, schools and communities, as they work towards achieving a cleaner, healthier, and greener world.{{more}}

On Monday, April 27th, 2009, the St. Clair Dacon Secondary School Young Leaders 2009 Project culminated at the school’s compound with a dramatization under the caption ‘The Funeral Service for the late Mr. Environment’.

The Young Leaders used the ceremony to symbolically put to rest practices and lifestyles that are not eco or environmentally friendly. They were all placed on a miniature coffin. This was followed by a segment where promises were made by the students to promote environmentally sound practices that foster the green revolution.

Throughout the country, Young Leaders were required to execute their projects under the theme the ‘Green Revolution: Global Challenge, Regional Responsibility, National Focus.’ The students at St.Clair Dacon Secondary School, however, narrowed their focus and worked under a sub-theme called ‘Colour Me Green’.

During the execution phase of the project, the Young Leaders undertook several activities including selling re-usable shopping bags provided by the Ministry of Tourism to help raise funds to drive their campaign. They also distributed promotional pens, engaged in clean-up activities, visited Richard Minors’ organic farm and Cap Balcombe’s home where he demonstrated the use of wind and solar energy.

“We do not believe for one moment that our task is over even though our project is. In fact this whole experience has made us more acutely aware that we have only just begun,” Sheriffa Pope, President of the Young Leaders, while giving a summary of the Young Leaders Project.

The Young Leaders, as a mark of appreciation, presented gifts to Winsbert Quow, Anesia Baptiste, Kevern Farrell, Andrew Simmons, and Cap Balcombe for helping to make their project a success. (HN)