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LIME squeezes more cash into Vincy Mas



Telecommunications Company LIME announced at the Carnival Development Corporation press conference on Tuesday, 28th April, that it will invest in Vincy Mas this year in a big way, even in tough economic times.{{more}}

Speaking to the press, Country Manager (Ag) Lydia Courtney-Francis disclosed that last year LIME’s contribution to the annual festival was in excess of $300,000, made up of cash, services, sponsorship of artistes, rural Carnivals and giveaways.

“We are in a three-year contract with the CDC, but we have been sponsoring Carnival for a number of years. In our manifesto, we commit to investing significantly in festivals in the region, and Vincy Mas will benefit from this policy decision. Our commitment to the CDC in 2008 amounted to over $130,000 in cash and services. Persons around the world will be able to view live high quality video streaming of Vincy Mas via our dedicated broadband Internet access compliments of LIME, said Courtney Francis.

In keeping with spreading the message of Vincy Mas around the world, LIME is working with several Internet content providers to come to St. Vincent and the Grenadines to cover the festival. This year, Toronto Lime will again be hosted by a partnership between LIME and other local companies, with the objective of exposing the festival to the world. LIME will again be working with groups in the Diaspora like Vincy Foreign Base as these revelers come home to have fun.

“Our LIME Caribbean colleagues will also benefit, as this year we will be working with other LIME sister islands to promote Vincy Mas and we will see many customers from our neighboring islands coming for Carnival. We are not only a sponsor but a company who wants to offer value to this great festival. Our commitment to pan over the years is well documented, and we are in dialogue with the Youlou Pam Movement for this year’s Junior Pan Festival. We are in support of the government’s Green Revolution. LIME has just launched its GO Green Project, and we encourage the CDC to include green initiatives as part of its programme for 2009 and to encourage the use of recycle branding materials,” continued Francis.

This year will also see innovations, and LIME customers will take part in text promotions to select their favorite Miss SVG, Soca Monarch, Band of the Year and Road March winners and will win BIG prizes for these competitions. Customers will get a chance to travel to other LIME sponsored festivals across the Caribbean like Crop Over in Barbados and Spice Mass in Grenada.

To complete the long list of events that LIME will be involved in for this year’s celebrations, Fitz Huggins, of the Marketing and Corporate Communications department outlined the other events and said: “This year Miss Yasmeen Hadaway has kindly accepted our sponsorship as the delegate to represent LIME in the Miss SVG show. We will also be working with Soca Dans as we bring the biggest Monday t-shirt band for the second year running. Sponsorship of local artistes, rural carnivals, Mas Bands and pre Carnival shows are just some of the main events we are planning for Vincy Mas. This year promises to be a BIG LIME for Vincy Mas 09.