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Jeff Trotman gets compensation

Jeff Trotman gets compensation


Months after being wrongfully detained by police for taking photographs of a fire, veteran journalist Jeff Trotman was compensated by the state on Tuesday, April 28, 2009.{{more}}

Although the level of the compensation wasn’t disclosed, Trotman says the matter was settled amicably and he is quite happy with the outcome. Trotman grabbed headlines in December 2008 when he was at the scene of a fire in Kingstown taking photographs. Trotman was asked by Superintendent of Police Rounzendal “Bouncer” Francis to stop taking photos, but he refused. His refusal resulted in his camera being grabbed and an ensuing tussle. He was then detained at the Central Police Station for several hours. Trotman noted that the incident should serve as a catalyst for a better relationship between the media and the police force. Describing the situation as an unfortunate one, Trotman mentioned it was clearly a case of wrongful arrest since there were no charges or records of any detention laid against him. The journalist said he had been willing to have the matter ventilated without any compensation.

Trotman thanked his Lawyer Grant Connell for his time and his assertive stance in the manner. He also commended Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves for expressing concern in the matter. Meanwhile, Connell noted that what happened on the night of December 21, 2008, was rather unfortunate and he is pleased that the matter was settled cordially. (KW)