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Artist mounts exhibition at Grenadine House

Artist mounts exhibition at Grenadine House


Artist Cicile Comblen has exhibited her work throughout the world, in Europe, Canada, USA, South America and the Caribbean, but her current solo showing at the Grenadine House is certainly the most ambitious project of her illustrious career.{{more}}

The artist, who was born in Belgium, studied Canada where she lived until she moved to St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) years ago.

The exhibition, which opened last month as part of the Blue Bucket Entertainment, ‘Xpress Yoself” package, shows 17 pieces of original artwork by Comblen on canvas, paper and wood. The works include three large acrylic on canvas pieces which Comblen says are ideal for showing at Grenadine House which has the space for work of that size.

Comblen said that the pieces are a retrospective of the last six years of her life in SVG and that she hopes that the public, especially students will take time to view her work.

The pieces are bright and vibrant and depict Caribbean scenes from Carnival to washing in the river.

Cicile Comblen has two degrees: one in Art and the other in Education. Her three grown sons who live in Canada have studied in the art field; her youngest son is a visual artist.