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Three lucky winners in LIME “Double Winnings”promotion

Three lucky winners in LIME “Double Winnings”promotion


LIME, this country’s leading full service telecommunications provider has done it again. Three LIME customers got lucky in the LIME “Double Winnings” promotion after they zeroed their account balances and at the same time got a chance to pick discounts of up to 100 per cent of their LIME bill. LIME gave back over $200,000 to its customers in discounts and prizes during this promotion.

The winners are Donna King of Gomea, Douglas Randall of Bequia and Estella Hadaway of Fountain!{{more}}

LIME “Double Winnings” promotion started in January in the height of the financial crisis and at a time when news of stimulus packages and bail outs was popular. Well, LIME has rewarded its customers in a meaningful way and they love it.

King will get her LIME bill paid for up to one year up to a value of $2000. The very excited resident of Gomea gleefully accepted her winnings and said “This has come at a time when things are difficult economically and LIME is going to pay my bills up to one year. This is one bill I don’t have to worry about for a while and I hope I will see lots more of these promotions from LIME. Thank you LIME.”

Glenda Conliffe, Manager Credit Control and Debt Collection, was very happy with the success of the promotions and thanked all the LIME customers who took part. “We’ve got the cure for this recession. This is not the only promotion that LIME has embarked on in these tough times to ease the pressure on customers’ pockets. We have LIME Economics whereby customers can get one hour of free text daily, new post paid mobile customers can get their plan minutes doubled for three months, customers can talk free on Sundays when they top up $25 weekly and we offer calls to the USA and Canada at the ridiculously low rate of 18 cents per minute. If one takes time off to calculate the value of savings they are receiving from LIME they will agree with me that LIME is definitely creating a better place. These are great initiatives to make life easier for our customers and they are having fun,” said Conliffe confidently.

The second prize winner was Douglas Randall of Bequia who is out of state. He won a shopping spree of $1800 to shop at a local supermarket.

Third prize winner Estella Hadaway of Dorsetshire Hill won herself $1200 worth of petrol or cooking gas. Hadaway was very humble and full of praises for LIME and said, “I am very happy that I finally won something from LIME. I never thought I will ever get lucky enough to win anything so I want to thank LIME. This prize will definitely ease some financial burden.”

LIME continues to delight its customers with lots of offers like ALL TALK where a LIME mobile customer gets 6000 minutes monthly at an effective rate of less than 3 cents per minute to call another LIME mobile customer and the “crème de la crème” of the offers is that LIME landline customers can call USA and Canada at a rate of 18 cents per minute.