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Dillon claims Bajan cops took his money, clothes

Dillon claims Bajan cops took his money, clothes



A VISITOR has made a complaint against the Royal Barbados Police Force, saying he was unfairly detained and robbed.{{more}}

Dillon Isaacs, 25, arrived at the Grantley Adams International Airport from his homeland St Vincent on Friday to visit his family.

A construction worker by trade, he said this was his second such visit, but after what happened to him, it would probably be his last.

“I came through immigration and went to meet someone outside who was to pick me up, but I didn’t see them so I caught a taxi. Two officers stopped the taxi, asked if I was okay, then took me back to immigration because they said I look suspicious,” he said.

It was there Isaacs said he was searched again, along with his suitcase.

He said he recognised the men from when he was going through immigration, but thought nothing of it at the time when he spotted them apparently following him out.

He said one of the officers then asked him whether he had any money and took BDS$500 from him, along with his passport.

“They gave me back my passport but not the money nor two Levi pants worth around EC$240 (BDS $178).

“When I asked for them, they told me they would not give me back because I come pon drugs and I must go,” he said.

Isaacs said the ordeal so upset him he was cutting his visit short and would be returning home yesterday (Tuesday).

He and a family member said they would go to the office of Professional Responsibility in the Central Police Station, The City, to make an official complaint.

“I feel frustrated and robbed. If I come into a country [with money] to buy what I want it should not be taken away. This should not happen to anyone and I am a tourist, too!” he said.

Isaacs said he was being targeted due to the fact he wears locks and because of where he was from, but said he has no dealings with drugs and, therefore, should have been treated like anyone else.

When contacted, head of the Drug Squad, Superintendent Grafton Phillips, said his officers do not usually behave in that manner and advised Isaacs to make a complaint.

“I have not heard of that particular incident nor of any incident of that kind. That is not how my officers operate.

“We conduct searches in and outside of the airport, but we do not take money from people and send them on their way. If we do confiscate anything for investigations, we have them sign an inventory sheet,” he said.

Phillips said if the complaint was accurate, then the officers in question should be made to feel the full weight of the law.

“We operate by the guidelines of the law, which are clear,” he said. (Barbados Nation)