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Vendor’s items removed from market

Vendor’s items removed from market


Hours after one market vendor moved her items back into the Central Market, she found them back on the streets shortly after lunch on Wednesday, April 15, 2009.{{more}}

A routine search executed by officials of the Kingstown Town Board and the Public Health Department on the woman’s stalls turned up roaches and small rodents among cinnamon and ginger that had been stored in old boxes. The vendor, who operates three stalls in the market, had her items thrown out onto the pavement in view of curious onlookers who had gathered outside the market.

Since the major cleaning of the market over the Easter weekend, Deputy Warden of the Kingstown Town Board, Benjamin Haynes stated that everything coming back into the market would be searched. Haynes revealed that the vendor had hidden her items in one of the shops at the market and had only placed a few of the items on her stall to be searched. Haynes said after they had checked her stall and moved on, she brought out the other items, which had to be thrown out.

“We prohibit old tables, old papers and boxes, among other untidy items, to be brought back into the market since it has already been cleaned,” Haynes said.

The distressed vendor told Searchlight that she felt bad about the manner in which her items were thrown out. She said that it was only that morning that she had learnt that searches were being conducted on items. “I know I have to agree with them cause dem say dey is authority, but I feel a way how they deal with me. God is good all the time and I have to humble me self,” she stressed.(KW)