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St Lucian accused of severe child abuse



A 30-year-old Kansas City woman was arrested Monday after breaking a two-year-old child’s arms in retaliation for going outside without permission.{{more}}

According to Kansas City Police, the woman (who is originally from the community of Gros Islet in St Lucia) was watching her boyfriend’s two-year-old son Monday while he was at work when she allegedly assaulted the child as punishment for going outside.

Police say the woman called the father complaining that she couldn’t handle the boy anymore. He then called the boy’s grandmother who went to the couple’s home to help watch the child.

The grandmother became concerned when she arrived and tried to hand the boy an apple. The boy was unable to lift his arms. When the father arrived home, he decided to take the boy to the hospital after the child had repeatedly complained about pain in his arms.

Hospital workers discovered the boy had suffered two broken arms, a dislocated shoulder, severe head bruising, scratches and abrasions. Further testing revealed the boy had suffered damage to his liver, pancreas and kidneys. A social worker at the hospital called police.

When officers arrived, they were unable to speak to the boy because he was unconscious due to heavy doses of pain medication in addition to stitches to his mouth area.

Although the woman has no prior incidence of abuse with the child, he was hospitalized in January for puncture wounds to the back of the head. Officials say the injuries appeared to have been caused by an electric plug.

The woman was booked into the Jackson County Jail on a charge of first-degree assault. Additional charges are pending. Bond in her case was set at $250,000.