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Regional Security gets another boost

Regional Security gets another boost


by Omesha Spence 17.APR.09

Thirty-two men and women were presented as new SSU (Special Service Unit) officers last Thursday, bringing the curtains down on a very grueling and crucial training course.{{more}}

The thirty-two men and women represented seven regional countries and completed the RSS (Regional Security System) Basic Course 1. A closing ceremony was held on Thursday, 9 April, 2009, at the Old Montrose Police Station.

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Commissioner of Police Bertie Pompey congratulated the participants on completing the course. Pompey, who stressed the need and significance of security in the current times, touched on the emphasis placed on security, especially after 9/11 and the upcoming Summit of the Americas. “The importance of your role cannot be over-emphasized,” he told the officers.

Pompey added that the role of the SSU officers to defend the flow of illegal drugs and money laundering does not only affect their respective countries but extends globally “touching and concerning the entire world.”

Making similar comments was Sir Vincent Beache, Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, who stated that enough importance is not placed on security. “We do not seem to place the importance that it deserves on security,” he said.

Beache recognized that security might be the most important asset of a country as it leads to a safe environment, which has its many advantages. “Safety of the environment will play a vital role in terms of who would come, who would invest and who would like to see things get better (for the country),” he said.

The Basic Course 1 had two phases. Phase one took place in Barbados from the 19th, January to 6th, March and the second phase in St Vincent from 7th, March to the 10th, April 2009. The thirty-two participants took part in several training courses including map reading, defence, survival training and a jungle phase that was done in the mountains of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The Central Liaison Office in Barbados and the United States Military Liaison Office facilitated the course.

Giving the course overview at the ceremony, Course Officer Superintendent Terrance Noel stated that the drug eradication exercises in the jungle were successful. “A substantial quantity of marijuana plants as well as dry material (marijuana) was destroyed,” he said.

RSS Course participants came from seven countries: Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Course Participants were also awarded for excellence in course activities. Awards were given for Best at Physical Training, First Aid, Pistol Shot, Rifle Shot and Map Reading. The Best Student Award was given to PC 669 Alex Joseph of the Royal Grenada Police Force who also copped the Best at Map Training and Best at Physical Training awards.