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Oldest Owia fisherman proud of new complex

Oldest Owia fisherman proud of new complex


The oldest fisherman in Owia is a proud man. He is happy that he has lived to see the spanking new Owia Fisheries Complex.{{more}}

At 76 years old, Fitzgerald Cordice has been fishing since the tender age of 16, and boasts that all he has acquired and all that he has done, he owes to the fishing industry.

Cordice was one of hundreds of persons who gathered last Tuesday, April 14th, for the official opening of the $33 million fishing complex.

He briefly recalled the difficulties that he and others endured trying to launch and bring in their vessels at the Owia bay in times past.

“Sometimes we had to clear stones to get to go out and sometimes we use to have to land (our vessels) on stone,” he said.

The new facility includes a jetty and breakwater which is expected to make life much easier for the fishermen.

As Cordice looks back, his only regret is that such a facility wasn’t built when he was in his prime.

He, however, told SEARCHLIGHT that he feels strong and quite motivated to still hit the seas to practice his craft and will only permanently dock his vessel when “the Lord says no more.”(KJ)