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Head of Prisons: riot reports false


Head of Prisons, Superintendent Eric Roderiguez wants to set the record straight that there was no riot at Her Majesty’s Prisons over the Easter weekend because of a shortage of bread.{{more}}

“I was in shock when I heard it was broadcasting over the radio stations, and I want to state that they are only exaggerated reports, and none of it is true,” Roderiguez said. The Superintendent was at the time responding to a rumor that had spread earlier this week about the prison not being supplied with bread by Allan Smith Family Bakery because of money owed to them. It was further rumored that the prisons’ former supplier, Phillips Bakery, had to withdraw their services, also because of non-payment for services provided.

Rodriguez confirmed to SEARCHLIGHT that on Easter Monday, April 13th, the bread provided by Allan’s Bakery had arrived late. Rodriguez noted that the arrangement with Allan’s Bakery is a temporary one as the old French oven used by the Prisons is in need of repair.

Rodriguez informed that the bread is routinely delivered to the prison on evenings just in time for supper, and bread from that delivery is served again the next morning.

Meanwhile, owner of Allan Smith Family Bakery, Allan Smith has also dispelled the rumor that his company had fallen out with the prisons because financial obligations had not been met. Smith said that because Monday was a holiday, he was short staffed at the bakery. “There is no problem between us and the prison, and I had absolutely no problem with anyone. They requested a job for us to do, and when the time comes we will submit our bill to them,” Smith said.

When contacted, Berisford Phillips, owner of Phillips Bakery said that he does not have a dispute with the prisons concerning money. “We have been supplying the prison with bread for a while, when there is a problem with the oven there,” Phillips stated. He added that his bakery did not withdraw their services from the prison, but on March 31, 2009, he received a call from prison officials indicating that would be the last day that his bakery would supply bread to them. (KW)