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Digicel donates to Union Island Easterval



Chairman of the Union Island Easterval Committee Lesroy Noel says that Digicel’s contribution of EC$15,000 to the Festival helped make the event a huge success.{{more}}

Commenting last Wednesday, the Chairman revealed that Digicel’s contribution “was definitely one of the biggest contributions and we appreciated it very much.”

Noel added that the money “went a long way in helping the Festival move forward.” This is the third year that the telecommunications company has sponsored the event which ran for four days from Friday, April 10th.

“I will like to thank Digicel and I hope that they will be on board for the long term. We appreciate the help and we also hope that they got the mileage that they were seeking”, said Noel, who added that apart from money, Digicel also contributed personnel who assisted during the Festival.