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LIME appoints new management team

LIME appoints new management team


LIME, St Vincent and the Grenadines, has named new management team leaders as part of the restructuring process.{{more}}

In making the announcement to all staff recently, Country Manager Angus Steele said: “I am delighted to announce two new leaders in our St. Vincent and the Grenadines Business. Leslie Jack, who has been appointed Head of Sales Retail and Residential Services, and Cicyln Joseph, Head of Corporate Sales and Service. Both Cicyln and Leslie come with a wealth of telecommunications experience, having served in both customer services and account management areas of the business. Leslie came to the business with experience in banking and has worked enthusiastically as a champion in the region for providing excellence in customer experience. Cicyln’s work with major corporate partners over the years has made her a good candidate for this position”.

Cicyln joined C&W(LIME) 9 years ago and has served in the capacities of Account Executive Hospitality, Manager Customer Relations, Assistant to Chief Executive and Manager Corporate Sales until this present assignment. She holds a degree in Business and Computer Science, Diploma in Business Administration, as well as a MSc in Marketing Management. Currently, she is pursuing Professional certification in Project Management (PMP). She has set several goals for herself in this new assignment and said: “I would like to see a renewal of confidence in the company by existing and prospective customers in the short term. In the long term I want LIME to be a lifestyle enabler.”

Leslie joined the business 9 years ago as an account manager. He served in several management roles in sales and customers services and was recently appointed to act as Head of Customer Services.

He was recently seconded to the Cayman Island business unit where he worked with the team in developing a sales incentive plan dubbed “Removing road blocks and striving for excellence”. Leslie is credited locally for developing the Cable and Wireless Sales Academy and the Technology Fair and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Business Administration. With his religious upbringing and passion for serving customers, he commented: “I will like to thank God for the many opportunities He has afforded me over the years. It is only through His guidance and wisdom that we can achieve greatness. LIME is here to change lives. Our primary goal will be to revolutionize the way we provide customer experience that will impact positively on the lives of all Vincentians to effectively change the world in which we live. We are not here to sell; we are your Life Style Consultants who will provide you with the products and or services that can change your lives.”

Angus Steele added: “The responsibility that comes with these new positions requires strong leadership, vision, creativity and passion as we work towards making LIME a better place for our colleagues, customers and communities. These two talented individuals will undoubtedly help us to achieve our many challenging objectives and I look forward to their successes and ongoing development.”