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Central Market cleanup begins


Kingstown will never be the same again – oh no!

This is the determination of outspoken senator, Julian Francis, who is the Minister responsible for Physical Planning.{{more}}

Francis was at the time addressing a press conference on Tuesday, April 7th, called to update the public about the massive clean up operation planned for Easter Weekend on the ground floor of the Kingstown Central Market.

“We are not carrying out this exercise to let it go back to what it was before,” Francis said, as he issued a public warning to the Town Board executive. “If the existing management of (the) Town Board can’t do it, we get a different group of people to manage it,” he said.

The clean up exercise, which is part of an overall $3.5 million plan to improve, beautify and organize the city, will take place from April 10th to April 13th. The exercise will include power-washing of the facility, spraying and setting of bait to rid the compound of pests, repairing of bathrooms and painting.

Vendors are required to remove all their wares by this evening and will get special assistance from about 90 students from the St Joseph’s Convent Kingstown’s Young Leaders.

Two large tents will be erected in the Chamber of Commerce car park and on Saturday, April 11, vegetable/fruit vendors will be able to operate from there because of the closure of the market.

Francis used the opportunity to reiterate plans to control vending in the city, which is part of the overall plan.

He said that his Ministry has registered and re-registered 1,085 vendors in the city over the last three months and will halt on registration for now.

Special vending areas will be identified and spots given to registered vendors as plans for the capital unfold.

Francis also spoke of plans to rebuild Little Tokyo, which the Minister again said is “over-crowded.” (KJ)