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London appointed Executive Director of SVGCIC

London appointed Executive Director of SVGCIC


Shafia London, one of this country’s National Scholars, has been appointed Executive Director of the St.Vincent and the Grenadines Chamber of Industry and Commerce Inc (SVGCIC), effective April 1st, 2009.{{more}}

London acted as Executive Director leading up to this appointment and was also Business Development Officer at the Chamber.

Angus Steele, President of the St.Vincent and the Grenadines Chamber of Industry and Commerce Inc (SVGCIC), in a statement on London’s appointment, said: “In both roles, she has served as a catalyst for successful business development initiatives, complemented by a reputation for delivering value to the organization and high calibre general management qualifications.”

Steele expressed that London has also provided leadership in developing and initiating the implementation of work programmes, internal re-organization and financial plans with the Council, committees and staff.

London holds a MSc. in Biochemical Engineering, with concentration in Business Enterprise Development, and a BSc (1st class honours) in Biochemistry, with minors in Human Resource Management and Communication. She also holds accredited certificates in Internal Auditing for ISO 9001:2000 and Industrial Facility Economic Evaluation and Design.

Her many industry-led practical training exercises include Project Management, Negotiations and Facilitation.

As Executive Director, Shafia will act as Team Leader for staff in executing the mandate of the SVG Chamber of Industry and Commerce to be the key agent for the protection and development of the interests of the local business community. She will also serve as the organization’s liaison in the interest of the Private sector in trade, commercial and industrial matters. Her work will additionally include the mobilization of resources for the institutional strengthening and capacity building of local businesses.

Steele said the Council is confident that with this appointment, the St.Vincent and the Grenadines Chamber of Industry and Commerce Inc now has the leadership it desires and would continue to add the necessary resources to build on its existing strengths and develop in the new directions that will ensure future sustainability and growth of the business community.