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Hitz 103.7 blasts Ultimate Showdown

Hitz 103.7 blasts Ultimate Showdown


Hitz 103.7 is taking issue with the infringement of its copyright and trademark at an event held recently.

On Saturday, March 21, a banner purporting to be that of Hitz 103.7 was displayed at the Aquatic Club during the ‘Ultimate Showdown’ dance that was organized by Wolf Entertainment.{{more}}

The event featured DJs from Hitz 103.7 and another radio station, with a sound clash advertised between DJ groups Madd Squad and Hypa-active Sounds.

Madd Squad plays on Hitz 103.7 on Saturdays from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Contrary to reports, however, the advertised sound clash between these groups did not take place, as Hypa-active Sounds did not perform at the event.

Hitz 103.7 maintains that it was not a sponsor of the event, nor was it involved in the sound clash.

Hitz 103.7 also says that the banner displayed at the event was not consistent with its branding and was a misrepresentation of the station’s involvement in that event.