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SIF, CCDG sign pact to revive computer lab

SIF, CCDG sign pact  to revive computer lab


In just over a month’s time, the once buzzing computer laboratory at the Walden Ryan Learning Resource in Colonarie is expected to be back in business, thanks to the assistance of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Social Investment Fund and the Colonarie Community Development Group.{{more}}

At a brief ceremony held on Thursday at the centre, both groups signed a Memorandum of Understanding, finalizing plans to refurbish the laboratory and replace the damaged and unusable computers. Both the laboratory and the computers were damaged by sea blast from the nearby Atlantic Ocean.

The project, valued at about $192,000, is expected to be financed by the SIF and the CCDG, with the SIF providing 90 per cent of the funding.

Chairman of the Social Investment Fund Bentley Browne, addressing those gathered at the signing, said that he looked forward to seeing the Learning Resource Centre return to its vibrant stage as before, and urged persons in the community to become computer literate once the lab was re-established.

CCDG Chairman Brian Andrews noted that the project was not only for the benefit of the Colonarie community but also for surrounding areas.

He called on all to play their part in making the project a successful one.

The drafting of the project was assisted by the National ICT Training Project, headed by Kyron Barker, who was also present at the signing of the memorandum.

At the ceremony, students of the Colonarie Primary School, the George Stephens Secondary and members of the community produced a cultural package for the audience. (JJ)