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Rose Hall showcases its talent

Rose Hall showcases its talent


Last Saturday’s cultural festival in the North Leeward community of Rose Hall provided residents and visitors with clean entertainment and nostalgic fun.{{more}}

The event, which kicked off at 2:00 pm, was coordinated and implemented by the Rose Hall Cultural and Development Organization (RHCDO), as part of Vincy Home Coming 2009.

RHCDO was formed five years ago by a group of young men who have been involved in the village’s Christmas lighting and Nine Morning activities. The group was registered last December and presently has a membership of 20.

Apart from the entertainment aspects which included drumming, singing, poetry, donkey riding, maypole dancing,

steel pan playing and quadrille dancing, which Rose Hall is known for, an art and craft exhibition was also held at the community centre.

Selwyn Patterson, who is the point person for Vincy Home Coming 2009 in the Rose Hall Community, told SEARCHLIGHT that is was indeed a joy to be able to showcase the community, and despite the village’s small size, Rose Hall can have a global impact: “There are some things that are uniquely Rose Hall’s”, he said.

President of RHCDO, Hayden Ferdinand, who gave opening remarks along with area representative Jerrol Thompson and Ambassador Ellsworth John, said that based on what he has seen, the event was a great success and their aim is to make it an annual occurrence. “We want this community to be more sustainable, and we want the people to be more involved in sports and culture,” he further stated.

Rose Hall is mainly dependent on farming for its economic survival. It is also the furthest inland community accessed from the Leeward coast and the highest elevated settlement in St Vincent and the Grenadines. (AC)