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‘Know your human rights!’



The Thusian Institute For Religious Liberty (T.I.R.L) is calling upon the government and people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to recognise and explore the problem solving potential of Human Rights Education in fighting crime and violence. This as the nation reflects on recent incidents of violent and criminal behaviour among students within the state’s schools.{{more}}

T.I.R.L believes that ignorance of and lack of respect for the inalienable rights and freedoms of humanity is at the root of the unrestrained behaviour displayed and that a national Human Rights educational initiative is needed in our schools and other institutions of the state to address these ills.

As a result T.I.R.L is currently preparing to offer its services to interested schools with the aim of assisting them in tackling the challenges they face. The Human Rights Education TIRL advocates is one which emphasizes the sacred origin or inalienableness of Human Rights, thus targeting change in the values in the minds of the people towards morally upright behaviour.

TIRL was formed in June 2007, and was launched in October 2008 with a mandate to provide Human Rights educational services. It currently hosts a radio programme called “Your Rights and You” on Cross Country Radio. TIRL also hosts a television program and another radio program, both of which are called “The Rights of the People” on Star Fm and SVG TV.