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Lowmans Leeward Anglican opening doors to horizon

Lowmans Leeward Anglican opening doors to horizon


“Books open the doors to the horizon.” This is the firm belief of principal of the Lomans Leeward Anglican School (LLAS), Venda Smith.{{more}}

The children of the LLAS, most of them wearing their creative hats, gathered on the school’s balcony and outside corridors for their reading extravaganza held under the theme ‘Open Books, Open Doors.’

Speaking at the LLAS Hats off to Reading Extravaganza on Wednesday, March 4th, Principal Venda Smith spoke to the students about the importance of reading to their education and life. Smith explained that reading is important, especially when it comes to having a job in the future. “Whatever you want to be, you must be able to read,” she said.

The second annual event saw performances from students of all classes showcasing their talents in Literacy. Kindergarten students performed an acrostic, Celebrating the Gift, where they incorporated their knowledge of consonant and vowel sounds. Grade two did a visually creative presentation on Verb City, while Grade four did a dramatic presentation on a boy who became a successful doctor because he was urged by his mother to read.

The school’s extravaganza event, which is a two-day celebration of Literacy, includes a march on Thursday, March 5th, in the Campden Park area. The Literacy Programme, initiated by the Government, officially began last year and promotes Literacy in all primary schools across the nation.(OS)