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Changes for Vincy Mas 2009

Changes for Vincy Mas 2009


As with every aspect of Vincentian life, the gloomy global economic situation is expected to take its toll on Vincy Mas 2009.

At the first press conference of the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) for the 2009 season, speakers taking the podium acknowledged the financial challenges ahead, but at the same time said they believe that this year’s carnival presentation would be one for the ages.{{more}}

While at the podium at CDC headquarters at Victoria Park, Minister of Culture Rene Baptiste noted that St. Vincent and the Grenadines was not immune to the world financial crisis and that all concerned were mindful of the circumstances.

The Minister called on all Vincentians to do their part in an effort to make this year’s festival grand. Chairman of the Pan- Kai- Mas committee Hugh Ragguette indicated that the three main components of Carnival have already indicated that they would not be seeking an increase in prize monies this year, and that it was unlikely that they would be seeking one in 2010.

Ragguette referred to members of the Youlou Pan Movement, the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Calypsonians’ Association and the Carnival Bands’ Association as patriots who were prepared to make sacrifices for the development of this country’s culture.

Ragguette also used the opportunity to highlight some of the changes that will be taking place in the various shows this year. He indicated that the preliminary judging of the king and queen of the bands competition is scheduled to take place at the bands’ headquarters this time around; making way for the sections of the bands to be judged at the “Mas On The Move” show. The Sections of the Band competition has been removed from the Miss Carival Beauty Pageant.

The Panorama competition is now an individual show; no longer a part of the Dimanche Gras (Calypso finals) show. According to Ragguette, seven pan sides are expected to compete in panorama this year.

Preparations are already underway for the Miss SVG Pageant, with ten contestants in training for the May 30th finals.

Head of beauty shows Cheryl Rodriguez said that they are working towards this year’s event meeting and surpassing all expectations from the contestant’s first official appearance on May 2nd to the crowning of the 2009 winner.

She also indicated that the 2009 winner will be one of ten women in the Miss Carival Pageant on July 3rd.

Meanwhile, promotion and marketing of the Hottest Carnival in the Caribbean is said to be going full blast. Head of Marketing and Promotion Fayleen Findlay-Scrubb indicated that the CDC, in collaboration with some of its major sponsors, will promote the festival widely throughout the region and on the international scene.

Plans to have regional television network ‘Tempo’ here to film the festival are also in the works.(JJ)