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Bishop’s College launches Young Leaders programme

Bishop’s College launches Young Leaders programme


Fully immersed in their commitment to the Green Revolution, the Young Leaders of the Bishop’s College launched their 2009 RBTT-sponsored programme on Tuesday, February 24th, under the theme: ‘The Green Revolution – Global Challenge, Regional Responsibility, National Focus’.{{more}}

In her remarks, President of the Young Leaders Ronica George provided a glimpse of activities the group has already undertaken and what they have planned to accomplish. “We hope to bring the Green Revolution home to the hearts and minds of our school, community, country and region…” George pointed out that the group has already been collecting and recycling empty ‘Busta’ bottles, and planting trees around the school compound. As part of their programme they also intend to raise community awareness by doing projects such as community clean ups, donation of plants to households and taking part in radio panel discussions. The main project will be the introduction of a beautification park and lunch area at the rear of the school.

George urged her audience to participate in such environmentally friendly projects, as it takes involvement to make a change. “We can no longer just be spectators,” she declared.

Feature speaker Garth de Shong, Officer in the Forestry Department, in his address, spoke of the ills that have befallen the flora and fauna of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, as well as those of various regions. In particular, de Shong made mention of the loss of wildlife habitat as a result of the clearing of forested areas for the cultivation of marijuana. He estimated that 2 percent of the nation’s forested regions are being lost yearly because of this.

de Shong highlighted the importance of the Young Leaders’ programme and how it can assist the Forestry Department with the challenge of preventing and reversing environmental damage. “We hope that at the end of your Young Leaders project, it would be beneficial to all here in St. Vincent.”

Young Leaders Coordinating Teacher Jenene Spring was also present at the launch. (JSV)