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Veteran says paint industry safe – for now

Veteran says paint industry safe – for now


A veteran in the paint business believes that his industry is safe for now from the Global economic crisis, which is affecting all walks of life around the world!{{more}}

Barbadian Sean Prescod, a 14-year employee of Berger Paint Caribbean, said that it may be too early to see the effects of the global recession until maybe later this year, if at all.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT following a one-day seminar on Thursday, February 12, Prescod indicated that builders who have already started construction must have already committed to paint purchases, while others who would be building later in the year, or in future, may not spend as much on paint, opting to paint only the insides of their homes until a later date.

“We are conscious of it. We know that somewhere down the line it is going to affect us. We haven’t heard of any effects as yet, but we expect that later down the line we will have to face it.”

Prescod, the facilitator of the seminar, along with Marketing/ Colour Advisor Karen Grant were here to show the latest of their trowel-on products, as well as discuss types, values and shades of other products to participants.

More than 50 persons, including contractors, masons and technical students, attended the seminar, which was held at the E. D Layne’s Warehouse in Arnos Vale.

Following the seminar, the participants gained some hands-on experience from trowel-on specialist Leroy Haynes.

These seminars have been going on for decades in all territories where Berger Paints are sold.

Prescod also indicated to SEARCHLIGHT that his company has been doing its part in becoming more environmentally friendly.

He said that a number of harmful elements have been removed over the years.

“Berger as a company has done its part as far as the environment is concerned.

“We’ve taken out the lead and the mercury. Most or all of our products are mercury free. We have moved away from all of the harsh chemicals that we used to use in our products.”

He also indicated that there is a move from paint to trowel-on products in a number of territories, citing a number of advantages of using trowel-on over painting.

According to Prescod, trowel-on only requires one application; it hides surface imperfections and also has greater durability and texture.

One of the downsides is that it usually takes a professional to apply.