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Literacy March, Rally

Literacy March, Rally


Last week Thursday, February 5, students and teachers of the CW Prescod Primary School marched through their immediate environs, as they sought to create an awareness of the significance of literacy.{{more}}

Sporting hats of all forms and designs, the students carried placards with slogans and chanted a ditty promoting reading and literacy on a whole.

The March was a two-pronged activity for the day, which ended with a rally on the school’s compound.

Skits, the reading of stories, acrostics, as well as other mediums of the arts, were employed to bring out the many aspects and modes of literacy.

The grand launch of the week took place three days before, with a General Assembly, attended by officials of the Ministry of Education.

The following day, the four houses jostled for positions in a Spelling B competition. It was a keenly contested activity, with each of the four houses wining one of the four categories, but the overall winner was Green House.

They collected the challenge trophy, while all competitors were awarded with certificates of participation.

Wednesday was the turn of the Show and Tell, where the various classrooms showed off their work on various aspects of the school’s Literacy programme. It was also an activity for parents especially to get some first hand experience of the school’s daily operations, particularly the all important literacy component.

The week of activities was held under the theme: “Hats off to Reading, Celebrating the Gift”. (RT)