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SVG on target to phase out CFCs

SVG on target to  phase out CFCs


This country is way ahead of its December 2009 target in their efforts to completely phase out chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).{{more}}

This was made possible through the work of the National Ozone Unit in the Ministry of Health and the Environment in association with the Customs and Excise Department.

At an award ceremony held for 29 trained technicians in the refrigeration and Air-conditioning Service industry at the Grenadine House last Saturday January 31, 2009, Janeel Miller, National Ozone Officer, told the intimate gathering that this country was able to achieve zero imports of CFCs in 2008, one year ahead of their target. Miller said the training the technicians received last year proved to be fruit-bearing and served as a significant part in their drive.

Some of the training received included: recycling, good practices and proper disposal, and funding for the program was made possible through the United Nations Development Program and the United Nations Environmental Program at a cost of US$70,000.

Lyndon Connor, President of the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Association (RACTA), stated that it gave him great pleasure in seeing the Refrigeration industry moving in the right direction, with a positive attitude towards environmental concerns. Connor identified a situation, which he said is quite troubling to him. He stated that a lot of Vincentians are afraid of change. “Change must come. We cannot continue to do things like we used to do before,” he added.

The RACTA President also urged the participants to take the training seriously. He also made a call for private sector companies to play their role and provide more training for their technicians.

Minister of Health and the Environment Dr Douglas Slater said that the training received by technicians provides a stepping-stone towards a cleaner St Vincent and the Grenadines. Dr Slater also pledged the support of this country’s administration in efforts to drive out CFCs. The Health Minister also congratulated the participants for a job well done. (KW)