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Adoncia still trying to cope

Adoncia still  trying to cope


Despite the speculations that have been swirling around the death of her father David Gordon, Adonica Bynoe and her siblings are still trying to cope with the loss of their mentor, and would always remember him as a loving and helpful individual who encouraged his children to work hard for what they wanted.{{more}}

Bynoe, speaking to SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, February 4th, 2009, said: “There were times when I needed advice and would call him and he would give me that advice. We had a good relationship; anytime I had a problem I could call him.”

She recalled the last time she saw her father alive was on January 20th when he came up from Mustique, where he worked as a maintenance technician.

Bynoe noted that he was in good spirits and that everything seemed good.

The next time she saw her father was when she identified his body at the Kingstown Morgue.

Her father was found dead at his home in Sharpesdale on Friday, January 23rd, 2009, with a knife wound to his neck.

He bled to death because of a ruptured jugular vein.

The mother of two young girls (twins) said that the hardest part of the loss was saying farewell to her father as he was buried on Sunday in Bequia.

She said that it was very difficult to maintain composure as he was laid to rest.

“Although he is gone, there are times when I feel that I would still see him in front of me. I am still looking forward to the end of the month because in my mind I still feel that I would see him,” Bynoe sighed.

The air conditioning technician said that she is not paying any attention to the rumors surrounding the death of her father; she is waiting on the official word from the police who are still conducting investigations.

To date police have not indicated if they suspect foul play in Gordon’s death, nor if they have a suspect or suspects.

“I am leaving the police to do their job. People will have their personal beliefs, but I am waiting for their (the police) final say,” said Bynoe.

Bynoe said she will always remember her father for being a hard worker, who encouraged his children to do the same.

She said that she had lost not only a parent but also a friend.