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Barrouallie getting set for Home Coming 2009


Blackfish catching and the bloody history of Barrouallie will be two of the main features when the Central Leeward community celebrates Vincy Home Coming this year.{{more}}

In its effort to sensitize communities about Vincy Home Coming 2009, the Regional Integration and Diaspora Unit (RIDU) in the Office of the Prime Minister held its first community meeting at the Barrouallie Community Center on Monday evening.

Head of RIDU Ellsworth John gave an update on the various activities that will be held at a national level and encouraged the attendees to organize activities within the community.

At the meeting, George “Tall 12” Frederick sang the Shanty, songs sung by the black fish men of old as they were coming to shore with their catch. He also gave an overview of the process by which the blackfish was caught then and now.

Phillip Charles, a fisherman and fish-pot maker, also shared his experiences about catching blackfish.

Cyril Alexander gave an overview of the history of Barrouallie. He spoke of the Jesuit massacre and the many French nationals that owned lands in Barrouallie during colonial times.

A five-member steering committee was selected to plan and coordinate activities in the area for Vincy Homecoming 2009.

Some of the activities that will be held at the national level are a Home Coming Conference and a Best Village competition, with a $150,000.00 top prize. There will also be a Garifuna Reunion in July and a National Day of Service and International Nights in October.