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Digicel winners entered in ‘Live Free’ stakes

Digicel winners entered in ‘Live Free’ stakes



The Digicel Live Free for a Year campaign continues to dole out cash and worthwhile prizes.

Last week Friday and last Monday, four persons were rewarded, three with EC$1000 and one with a Sony Stereo System.{{more}} All were entered in the Live Free for a Year draw, expected to take place on Tuesday, January 27th, when they will be eligible to win EC$5000, EC$2500 or EC$1000 monthly for a year.

Collecting their winnings last week Friday were Jacqueline Marques and Jozel Pompey, while Cecelia Pope and Nicola Pierre collected their money on Monday. Marques, Pope and Pierre won the money when they managed to collect four scratch cards each with the letters F-R-E-E, while Pompey won the stereo when she topped up her phone with an EC$25 phone card.

“I would like to thank the management and staff of Digicel, the bigger better network,” said Pompey, who is a member of the British Navy and is home on holidays.

The outspoken lady who said that she is overwhelmed to have won her first stereo set from Digicel added: “I want Digicel to keep up their promotional ventures and I want every Vincentian to give Digicel their full support; Digicel all the way.”

Marques, who hails from Prospect, said that she has been with the company from inception and purchases the majority of her cards at The Cell, one of Digicel’s flagship stores in Kingstown. She describes the company as a great company, and thanked them for giving her something to feel grateful about.

Pope, who is a domestic worker from Mt. Greenan, said that she is going to use the money she won to do some repairs on her house. She said that she was very excited when she heard that she had won something from the network that she describes as very reliable.

Meanwhile, Pierre, who is employed as a Sales Representative at Multi Graphic Services revealed, “My cousin gave the letter R to me.” She said that the letter R was the final letter she needed to cash in. The customer, who has been with Digicel since inception, lives at Queen’s Drive. She commented: “I always try my best to take part in the promotions.” She said that she is going to bank her winnings.

The prizes were handed over by Marketing Manager Juno DeRoche.