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Dr. Jules Ferdinand launches first book

Dr. Jules Ferdinand launches first book


At the launching ceremony of his first publication, Dr. Julian Ferdinand was hailed by foreword writer Andrew Cummings Q.C as having the ability to: “…save our boys” from the educational underachievement that plagues them.{{more}}

A well-attended event, the ceremony took place at the Peace Memorial Hall on Tuesday evening, January 13, and saw several individuals giving brief remarks on their involvement with Ferdinand as he worked on his book, “Be Inspired”. These included his daughter, Sabrina Ferdinand, his past teacher Ercelle John-Thomas, who edited the manuscript, and Andrew Cummings Q.C, who wrote the foreword.

In his remarks, Cummings was adamant that Ferdinand, former Chief Executive Officer of the East Caribbean Group of Companies, is of the ilk to help eliminate male underachievement. “We have to save our boys. Jules Ferdinand is a perfect example…”. Cummings further lamented the fact that there were only four male graduates at the recent University of the West Indies graduation ceremony that took place last week Friday. “We have to somehow inspire our young men,” he insisted. Cummings firmly believes that Dr. Ferdinand’s book is capable of such. Ferdinand himself expressed that there needs to be a collective effort to get young men back on the right track.

Additionally, Cummings lauded Ferdinand for his discipline, dedication, sincerity and steadfast faith in God. “He is an exceptional Vincentian. To me, he is inspiration itself!” In a prior press release, Cummings described the book as “…a wonderful and timeless collection of inspirational and educational essays. This book comes at a time of rapid change in the world where a ‘sit down and do nothing’ approach will not suffice.”

Dr. Ferdinand, who writes a weekly column in a local Newspaper, attributed much of his success to the way in which his mother, shop owner Sylvia Ferdinand, raised him. “Yes, I’m a mama’s boy!” he chuckled. In his vote of thanks, Ferdinand profusely thanked God and the family members, friends and well-wishers who contributed to making the book a reality and who supported him along the way.

The 120-page book, which was given its title by Ferdinand’s daughter Sabrina, is available at most bookstores and other selected retailers for EC$40. (JSV)