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‘2 BY 2’ born from ‘Behold the Man’ lecture series

‘2 BY 2’ born from ‘Behold the Man’ lecture series


A new group has emerged from the 2008 ‘Behold the Man’ lecture series. The group, ‘2BY2’, an initiative of the organizers of the 2008 series, was presented to the media, along with the group’s plans for 2009 on Monday, January 12, 2009, at the Browne and Browne Law Chambers in Kingstown.{{more}}

The name (2-BY-2), which the organizers say has symbolic value, came from examining the personalities of the 2008 lecture series. One of the organizers said that the name has many different meanings, including a 2-by-2 shack and a 2-by-2 piece of wood. Luke Browne, one of the organizers, explained:

“The 2-by-2 shack carries a story central to Caribbean History – from humble beginnings to a magnificent place. The mason would use a piece of 2-by-2 when developing sophisticated structures. Maurice Bishop said, as a leader of the Grenadian people. ‘…We have the right to try, and build our own process in our own way… we have a right to build our country after our own likeness and image and not after somebody else’s. To defend this right, to defend the expression of our idea, the ‘piece of 2-by-2’ would become a weapon; a weapon used to protect our yard from invasion.”

Jamal Browne, another director of the group, also commented on the hope he has for the expansion of the group and their efforts to educate the nation. “We are looking forward to having a presence in all homes of SVG,” he said.

Part of the group’s efforts include an essay competiton dubbed “2BY2 express yourself through writing 2009”. The essay competition has four categories: University students (Class A), under-twenty students, (Class B,) Under-17 students (Class C) and unde-12 students (Class D) categories. The competition is open to students from all schools and prizes will be awarded to the winners.

The “Behold the Man” lecture series, which began in July of last year, featured lectures on Nelson Mandela, Fidel Castro, Barack Obama, CLR James, Sir Arthur Lewis, Sir Fred Phillips and Dr. JP Eustace. A book, with the compilation of the series, will be available in a printed version by the end of January. The book carries the theme “Opening the door and turning on the light.” (OS)