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Credit Union named for first PMC award


The People’s Movement for Change (PMC) has announced the first winner of a national award they have named after pharmacist and founder of the St. Vincent Workingmen’s Association (SVWMA) George A McIntosh.{{more}}

A release from the organization said: “The George Augustus McIntosh Empowerment through Association (MEA) award is proposed as the first national honour and tribute to persons and agencies whose life and activity bring subject people to power and to its borders. The PMC stipulates that where the person or agency alone becomes empowered by association with the people, the award cannot be considered because the subject people still remain under subjection.”

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Credit Union Movement is the first nominee to receive the MEA award. “The movement as a whole demonstrates the principle that through association the community under subjection can become empowered. Without doubt, we can find underserved segments of working people, but generally, the growth in membership, leadership, savings, investment, union assets, member services and member assets – these speak of almost revolutionary social and economic empowerment. Just reflect on the financing state of working people 50 years ago, or even 30 years ago. The credit union movement arose at the insurgent moment of political democracy; it makes working people owners of a finance sector which serves them; it challenges the traditional dominance of oppressive bank and insurance finance service monopoly; it makes them remodel their service culture; it is incipient regional integration and investment movement and agency – owned by the people,” the release said.

“The People’s Movement for Change takes pleasure in proposing the SVG Credit Union Movement, through the Credit Union League, to be the first McIntosh Empowerment through Association Award (MEA) recipient – Associate category. We must identify transparently the virtues that we honour, and exercise sovereignty and ownership over every step of our emancipation,” the release ended.