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Business venture worries Arnos Vale residents

Business venture worries Arnos Vale residents


Residents of Sardine Drive, Arnos Vale, are expressing concern that a business operation in their neighbourhood may pose a serious health risk.{{more}}

The business in question is a vehicle storage facility owned by Lance Oliver, who is also the proprietor of the business Rent and Drive, located on the main road in Arnos Vale.

The residents told SEARCHLIGHT that they are concerned about that type of business coming into a residential area and were particularly taken aback when they saw vehicle batteries being stored on the premises.

SEARCHLIGHT saw the batteries, which are being stored in a fowl coup like enclosure, and frightened residents say that their research on the dangers of lead poisoning makes having such an operation in their neighbourhood unacceptable.

The business place that is causing some concern to residents in the area.

“I am concerned, very concerned about my health,” said Claudia White, one of the concerned residents.

“When I read that, (the research) … makes you more anxious,” said Jeff Da Silva.

“I can’t sit in my garden and have tea anymore. The scent coming from those batteries, especially when the sun is hot, is unbearable,” said Jackie Albert, whose home is next to the business place in question.

Albert said that when the sun is hot and she has clothes on the line, she has to take them up and rinse them again because of the batteries.

The concerned residents say that if the facility is to be used as a car showroom, they don’t mind. They, however, strongly object to the storage of any hazardous materials, like the car batteries there.

When SEARCHLIGHT contacted Oliver, he expressed his strong disappointment with his neighbours, saying that their concerns did not have to reach the media.

Oliver explained that he is collecting the batteries to ship to an agent overseas. However, it is not an operation that he plans to continue.

He said that he can understand the residents’ concerns, but wished that they had behaved in a more neighbourly manner and expressed their points of view or asked the questions of him.

Oliver said that while vehicles are stored there already, the business isn’t fully operational as the work on the property is ongoing.

Meanwhile, Kenrick Glynn, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Housing, told SEARCHLIGHT that while he was not aware of the facts of the issue at hand, the residents are free to lodge any complaint that they may have.

He advised that they write to the Physical Planning and Development Board through the Town Planner and voice their concerns.