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Vincentian artist goes solo

Vincentian artist goes solo


A ten-piece painting series titled “Mark It” by Visual Artist Conroy Dyer closed at Heritage Hall in the Carnegie Building recently.{{more}}

The Exhibition, which was Dyer’s first solo effort, was underwritten by the Centre for Enterprise Development, and the artist was introduced by historian/activist Oscar Allen.

The paintings depict the hustle bustle of Kingstown, including market vendors, street vendors, cart-men and the vendors who sell at the makeshift shacks on the Reclamation site.

Dyer told SEARCHLIGHT that he has always been fascinated by the market and the rhythms and energy it gives off.

The paintings are vibrant yet simple and the vendors and cart-men radiate pride and dignity as they ply their trade in the nation’s capital. Make shift shacks and the sun are the back drops in each painting done on canvas.

Dyer has been involved in art since he was a toddler and he works with different media, including newspapers.

Recently Dyer has exhibited in the Bahamas and Barbados. His brother Kenroy is also an accomplished artist and cartoonist. (AC)