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Over 300 return for Layou Homecoming Reunion


A group of Vincentians from the Layou Diaspora was successful in mobilizing over 300 citizens of Layou to return home for a follow-up of a reunion that was first held in 2006.{{more}}

Most of the returnees came in from the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. At a dinner held on December 29th for the Layou Diaspora, the principal organizers, Clem Dopwell and Jimmy Antoine, expressed satisfaction with the success of the mobilization.

The National Vincy Homecoming 2009 Committee, which is coordinated through the Regional Integration and Diaspora Unit, worked closely with the local Layou community to organize events to welcome home their Diaspora and also to showcase Layou to the rest of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Some of these events included a lunch for the shut-in on December 30th; a candle light march through the streets of Layou on Old Year’s night, organized as a collaborative effort of the churches and the committee; a cultural showcase at the playing field on January 1st, 2009, and a back in time function this evening, January 2nd.

The popular Layou band from the 1980’s, Astericks, has been reunited for the Vincy Homecoming 2009 celebration and was the featured act at the cultural showcase held at the Layou playing field yesterday, January 1st, from 7p.m.

Ambassador Ellsworth John, Director of RIDU and Chairman of the National Vincy Homecoming 2009 Committee, commenting on the Layou reunion said that the success or failure of the reunion should not be judged only by the level of participation and enjoyment at the Homecoming activities. He pointed out that it should be judged by whether or not an effective mechanism was put in place for the Diaspora and the local Layou communities to work together for the long term growth, development and economic viability of Layou.

During 2009, communities throughout St.Vincent and the Grenadines will be organizing similar events to showcase what is positive about this country.