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Arnos Vale, Cane Hall residents light up

Arnos Vale, Cane Hall residents light up


Residents of the Arnos Vale and Cane Hall Communities had much to rejoice about over the Christmas season. Their celebrations were threefold: The Cane Hall Roundabout, for the third year running, was adjudged the best lit Garden in the National Light-up Competition, coordinated by the Nine Mornings Committee. The theme “Ultimate Christmas Gardens” allowed the coordinators to showcase displays through: The Picture Garden, Animal Garden, Green House, Garden on High and the Manger – all carrying appropriate messages.{{more}}

Lighting up the Cane Hall Roundabout is a project led by the West St. George Area Council ‘E’ but is coordinated as a community effort. This year, in particular, several young members of the area volunteered their services which contributed significantly to the tasteful positive impact the lighting up of the area had on viewers of the project.

Lighting the area dates back to 2001, at which time the project was judged under an open category. In 2004, a separate category was created for Gardens to be judged. The area secured 2nd position for the years 2004 and 2005, before stepping up a notch to take top position as best lit Garden for the 2006, 2007 and 2008 Competitions.

The two other projects coordinated by the Council which also allowed the community to celebrate were the Party for the Children of Upper Cane Hall and the Distribution of Packages to the elderly in the area. Some 130 children under the age of thirteen enjoyed performances in a Christmas Programme organised by the Adult Literacy Group in the area and were treated to snacks and a gift bag each – compliments of the Council. Packages containing a variety of nineteen items each were also delivered to the homes of some fifty (50) elderly residents by members of the Council.

All three projects have been coordinated by the Council since 2001 and have been made possible by several business houses in and around the community as well as friends of the Council. The Council, however, went on to point out the insensitivity of other corporate members of the community which continue not to make good their corporate responsibility to contribute to such projects in the community in which they operate as the combined cost of these projects is significant. Such contributions are critical to the continued successful implementation of these three projects which now categorize the Christmas season in the community.

Plans are already being made for Christmas 2009.