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Sandy Bay woman prays for relief from cancer

Sandy Bay woman prays for relief from cancer

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Christmas is a time for making wishes come true and while most Vincentians are wishing for a fun-filled season with their families, a Sandy Bay woman’s simple wish is to travel to Canada to seek treatment for cancer.{{more}}

The 58-year-old woman has been struggling with the dreaded disease for just over a year now.

Lucinda Baptiste life was transformed in November last year when she started feeling unwell. First, Lucinda started feeling pain in her chest area. She reported it to her district doctor who referred her to another doctor at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

After a series of tests, the doctor confirmed the worst – Lucinda had Liver Cancer.

The small protruding abdomen that she had then, has rapidly grown into a massive mass that makes her life very uncomfortable.

“When I first found out, I thought the stomach would stay there and never get big,” said Lucinda. This, however, was just a wish because now, her abdomen is several times its original size.

The growth is causing her both physical and emotional pain.

“Sometimes I feel uncomfortable. I have difficulty breathing and shortness of breath about a month ago,” she sighed.

Lucinda also has to be helped to get dressed and to move around. She admits that it is hard, not just on her, but also her family, who understandably feel sad about her condition.

She also has to take several pills to ease her pain, and goes to the hospital quite frequently to have fluid removed from her abdomen.

While Lucinda lives each day hoping that her plight with Liver Cancer can be addressed soon, her struggle is made harder as she also has to deal with distasteful remarks made by persons in her neighbourhood about her condition.

Lucinda’s daughter Oneka, relating her mother’s dilemma, said her mom is afraid to walk the streets sometimes.

People would make comments, said Oneka, such as: “Ah old woman…wey you want wid pickney!” Oneka is obviously saddened by the remarks, but Lucinda laughs at the notion that her cancerous condition is being mistaken for a pregnancy. She admits that some people are just not as sensitive as they should be.

Lucinda wishes that she could be sent away to Canada for treatment. She sees this as an option since one of her daughters resides there. She, however, needs help.

Amidst her struggles, Lucinda’s faith in God remains steadfast. Whatever, her circumstance, as a devout Christian, she believes that she will be taken care of. “Where there is life there is hope,” she said with a smile.

Lucinda also has another wish for Christmas, she hopes to enjoy herself as much as she can, in the present circumstances.