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Morris writes financial book

Morris writes financial book


Stacia Morris, a Vincentian woman living in the United States, has written “Teen Money 101” to educate teens on how to manage everyday finances.{{more}}

A former IBM employee for about 17 years, Morris recently advised a retired friend to un-retire after reviewing her financial situation. While on vacation in October 2007, Morris realized that she and others like her did not receive formal training on finances as children, and yet were expected to grow up and maintain their own livelihood for the rest of their lives. Sitting at an airport in the Cayman Islands, Morris started to write a practical teen money workbook to introduce teens to money management.

“What’s great about the book,” says Morris’ publisher and sister, Sherry-Ann Morris, “is that she managed to make the workbook fun, interesting, and totally informative. I wasn’t sure if she could pull it off, not making it too deep, but she uses story telling in a demonstrative and engaging way that allows teens, or young adults, to completely follow what she is talking about. It’s impressive because it reads like a book and yet it definitely teaches.”

Morris conducted focus groups for her book with teens in the USA. She also used her niece and nephew as teen consultants, in addition to telling some of their story. The invaluable feedback from the teens helps the tone of the book tremendously. It stays in a place where teens can understand the teaching and it encourages them to look ahead and plan for their futures, too. There are funny sections in the book like when Morris’ nephew, Dan, in the book, borrows money from his sister Bri and doesn’t repay. She gets to review his assets, his Ipod, guitar, expensive soccer shoes, to see if she wants any of his stuff until he can repay. Coming at teens like this makes it easy to understand the terms and examples in the book.

The book was published in December in commemoration of Morris’ late father who was a principal and educator here in St. Vincent. Stanley McLean Morris was also a former recipient of the 1991 Father of Year Award in Greenwich, CT. The timing of the book intentionally coincides with the 10th anniversary of his death. Morris sees publishing the book as a celebration of a life well lived and wants her book to honor her father’s legacy as an educator.

Morris herself was a teacher at the Girls’ High School before migrating to the USA to work on her MBA. She was snatched up by IBM, before graduation, and worked on developing leasing methodology, with her final position as a Business Development Financial Advisor in the Latin American countries. She has worked for Fortune 500 companies during her 25-year business career, but has never lost her passion for teaching. Details about the book can be found at