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Brewery launches new non-alcoholic cranberry beverage

Brewery launches new non-alcoholic cranberry beverage


Local beer producer St. Vincent Brewery this week threw its hat into the Wellness Revolution ring, with the launch of its newest product: Hairoun Cranberry.{{more}}

The non-alcoholic beverage, which came on the market on Wednesday, December 17, was launched at the company’s headquarters at Campden Park.

It is a lightly carbonated drink which contains anti-oxidants and vitamin C.

Brand Manager for Hairoun Cranberry Elingford Roban said that the drink’s nutritional value would be a plus for persons who need a refreshing drink with a healthy aspect.

“The cranberry is a healthy fruit that is often overlooked. It contains antioxidants that help fight diseases such as prostate cancer and other things.”

Roban indicated that his company, having recognized that Vincentians are becoming more health conscious, is moving in the direction of producing healthy beverages.

Indications are that other health conscious drinks are on the horizon for the near future.

Hairoun Cranberry is bottled in 280ml transparent bottles, with a recommended resale price of $1.70 per bottle and $27 per case.

The drink joins 17 other alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages that are distributed by the Brewery, 14 of which are produced locally. (JJ)