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Students receive awards for

Students receive awards for

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The finalists in the Student of Heroes gallery quiz have done their nation proud and indeed were rewarded accordingly.{{more}}

Fifteen students from the top five schools in the competition were awarded for their excellence in The Student of Heroes’ gallery local quiz competition.

The award ceremony took place on December 6th 2008 at the Knowledge Institute and Conference Centre in Kingstown.

The Integrated Quiz Championship, a project of the Bible Society of the East Caribbean seeks to develop well-rounded students and to instill leadership qualities within them.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Culture René Baptiste urged the students to make the best of their privileged situation. Emphasizing that there were no such things as top class learning facilities and libraries in her day, Minister Baptiste told the students that not working and saying that you tried hard is not enough.

“In 2009, nobody cares about how much you try… because the world is fiercely competitive,” she said.

Making reference to the increase of violence and crime amoung the youth today, Minister Baptiste also stressed the importance of going to Church and studying the Bible, as they outline the principles by which students should live.

Echoing her comments, Education Officer in the Ministry of Education, Cecil Charles reminded the children of how privileged they are and urged them to take advantage of every opportunity.

Offering his congratulations to the students, Charles also urged them to keep education their top priority and steer clear of friends who do not support their educational progress. “I say to you, drop them like a hot potato, they are not worthy to be around you,” he said.

Prizes were awarded to the top five schools that participated in the local quiz competition. The prizes included fifteen trophies awarded to the fifteen finalists as well as the Prime Minister’s Trophy, which was awarded to the top school – the St. Vincent Grammar School, which also placed second at the regional competition in Barbados.

Sponsors VINLEC donated a Media projector to the St, Vincent Grammar School, Digicel awarded the top schools five mobile phones for the teachers and the

St. Vincent Co-operative Bank opened 15 savings accounts for the fifteen student finalists.

Other prizes include LCD televisions to The Mountain View Academy and The Barroulie Secondary School who placed second and third respectively. The Bequia Community High placed fourth in the competition while the St. Clair Dacon Secondary placed fifth.

The theme for the 2008 Student of Heroes Gallery Quiz Competiton was “Caribbean Development through Visionary, Decisive Leadership.”(OS)