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National Career Fair hosted by Ministry of Education

National Career Fair hosted by Ministry of Education

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Through a series of lectures, exhibitions, displays and presentations, the nation’s youth will be receiving much needed guidance and advice in choosing their career paths. This was highlighted at the opening ceremony of the National Career Fair 2008, which took place on Wednesday, December 10 at the Peace Memorial Hall.{{more}}

Running from December 10 – 12, the Career Fair aims to sensitise all students about the need to plan for the future and equip them with the knowledge to make suitable career choices.

Delivering an address by the Minister of Education Girlyn Miguel, who was unable to attend, Laura Browne, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, emphasised the importance of education to the Government. “Education forms the cornerstone of our Government.” Browne related that the Career Fair is one of the ways in which the Ministry of Education is addressing the need for educational reform. “Never before in the history of this country has so much attention been paid to providing our institutions of learning with the requisite resources for optimal success,” she stated.

Browne further implored the students to do their utmost to reach their maximum potentials. “Seize the day! Explore the limitless possibilities available to you… make wise decisions. Hold fast to your dreams… the sky is yours.”

In her remarks, Chief Education Officer Susan Dougan acknowledged that most school leavers are “…gripped with anxiety” at the prospect of choosing a career path. Dougan pointed out the importance of informed decision-making because there is a plethora of careers to choose from. “There is a world of opportunity out there… in the past many of us focused on the more traditional careers.”

Encouraging the students present to be ambitious, Dougan reminded them that in order to do so, they need the right knowledge. Without it, it would be a “…recipe for disaster.”

Approving of the Career Fair, Carlton Hall, Chairman of the Career Fair Committee, declared that it was an excellent way of giving local, regional and international organizations the chance to meet with large numbers of prospective students and potential employers. He further stated: “I hope that it will help to shape what you choose as a final career.”

In impromptu remarks, Dr. Jerrol Thompson, Minister of Telecommunications, Science, Technology and Industry, expressed his desire for those who study abroad to return home to impart their knowledge with others – to be part of the process of developing the nation. He remarked that developing the nation would allow the state to remain competitive on a regional stage, and that competitiveness should be “…based on knowledge.” (JSV)