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Grave diggers receive raincoats

Grave diggers receive raincoats


A member of the local business community has come to the assistance of gravediggers at the Kingstown cemetery.

After reading a story in the Searchlight newspaper of Friday 5th December, 2008, where a family of Green Hill were forced to bury their deceased relative themselves, Nightingale Co. Ltd. decided to lend a helping hand.{{more}}

The gravediggers had refused to bury the dead man on Sunday November 30th because it was raining and they did not have raincoats.

On Friday 5th, 2008 Sylvia De Freitas of Nightingale Co. Ltd., delivered raincoats to one of the gravediggers, Ellis Mathews of the Kingstown Cemetery.

However, the gravediggers are still to meet with Kingstown Town Board officials. At Press time (Wednesday, December 10) the meeting with the Town Board, which had been scheduled for Thursday, December 4, was still to take place.

Deputy Warden Benjamin Haynes told SEARCHLIGHT that the original meeting date had to be changed because one of the men went on sick leave. He however assured us that the meeting will be held and the matter addressed.