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LIME cuts back numbers in restructuring process

LIME cuts back numbers in restructuring process

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The number of persons to be retrenched from Landline Internet Mobile Entertainment (LIME) St Vincent Limited, formerly Cable & Wireless, has not yet been determined.{{more}}

This is the word from Manager of LIME, Angus Steele, who told SEARCHLIGHT that the process of downsizing is ongoing and will continue over the next six to eight months.

Steele told SEARCHLIGHT that the number 45 that has been circulated over the last few days came about because of a recent presentation the company had with its employees.

He explained that a slide presentation showed that LIME St Vincent had about 45 persons too many on their in-country staff.

He explained, however, that it was too soon to determine what the final makeup of the in-country staff will be, and he also said that while some persons may not be on the in-country staff, the regional parent company has advertised several posts.

“I have encouraged the staff to apply for regional roles,” Steele said.

Steele said that some persons may find themselves based in St Vincent, but not members of the local staff, but rather fulfilling their regional roles from in St Vincent.

He said that while the company’s downgrading plans will continue, there will not be any mass exodus, but rather a more gradual process over the next few months. (KJ)