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LIME launches cheaper calling with NetSpeak


LIME recently launched its new unlimited calling plans from NetSpeak, which includes a base plan that customers can tailor to the countries they call most. There is a plan for as little as $79.35 per month, and for the first time, a pan-Caribbean calling plan. LIME is giving customers the unlimited calling plans they want at a price that suits their pocket.{{more}}

NetSpeak from LIME has introduced calling plans that give users unlimited calls to the US & Canada, UK & Western Europe (fixed lines only) and all across the Caribbean where LIME operates (LIME fixed line and mobile only) from as little as $79.35 per month. Customers can now choose the base plan they want from the three on offer to suit where they call most. Customers can also add a new plan any time, for an additional fee… 1 plan is $79.35, 2 plans are $113.85 and 3 plans are $136.85 for unlimited calling, 24/7.

The NetSpeak service can be used anywhere there is an Internet connection: at home, in a café, travelling; wherever customers want. But it can also act like a local landline phone, with great features like voicemail, caller ID and call waiting, and even a local number.

What’s more, users can save friends and family money by getting a number they can use when they are calling from overseas for only $11.50 monthly; numbers can be of US, Canadian or US origin.

“We know our customers want to be able to call the people that they care about without worrying about the bill, said Richard Dodd, CEO of LIME. “NetSpeak lets them do that, and they can even save their friends and family money, which is great.”

“We want to help people keep in touch whilst managing their budgets in these tough times. What you pay for NetSpeak is fixed, so you never get ‘bill shock’ and you get a plan that most suits you where you call,” he continued.