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Teachers: We will not be deterred

Teachers: We will not be deterred


Teachers here have given the assurance that in spite of the shortcomings in society they will not be deterred.{{more}}

“We are not going to be deterred by the lapses in our educational system nor the breakdown in our society, neither are we going to be de-motivated by the failure of others to accept and acknowledge that we are professionals,” said Rachael Caesar during a graduation ceremony held for participants in the Assessment and Intervention Strategies and Special Needs Education programmes held at the Methodist Church Hall in Kingstown on Thursday, November 13.

Ceasar, who was among 45 teachers receiving certificates, urged her colleagues to build on the knowledge gained. She said the course gave the participants the opportunity to discuss real issues in the education system, which she describes as more complicated than persons think. But in spite of those challenges faced, Caesar believes it is possible for our education system to create classrooms which are “warm and philanthropic” and where no child is excluded.

According to Caesar, the course, which was delivered by the Learning Place and accredited by the Mount Vernon Nazarene University taught them that the “diversity and challenges” in the classroom are to be cherished. She further noted that they have learned to “embrace differences and to see failures as learning experiences”.

Dr Kerry King, who was one of the course tutors emphasized that lack of availability of resources should not be an excuse for teachers not giving their best. “Having insufficient resources no longer stands as a good enough reason for not doing your best or not giving students the benefit of your best,” Kerry said.

She advised that at times, they may become disheartened when they do not have resources and they see half empty classrooms. She however urged the graduates to be “persistent and show the same level of enthusiasm that you show during your training”.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education Laura Browne, who spoke on behalf of the Minister of Education, said that the training of teachers is necessary to ensure that no child is left behind in our school system. Chief Education Officers Susan Dougan also addressed the gathering.

The training was funded by the Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines, the Caribbean Development Bank and the European Union. (VM)