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Faith Word convention a success

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The “No more Victims” convention hosted by Faith Word Ministries has been hailed a success.

The convention, which was held at the Arnos Vale netball complex from November 7th to 9th targeted young people.{{more}}

While speaking to Searchlight on Tuesday, 18 November, Pastor Marcia Creese said the convention was “extremely good”. She disclosed that over 50 young persons gave their heart to the Lord, “they were delivered and set free”.

Cresse related that several young persons present at the convention had suicidal tendencies, which she is pleased to have helped prevented.

The Pastor said their aim is to try and refocus the thinking of our youths and “find where the hurt is, where the problem is and see how with the help of the Lord, what we can do”.

Cresse stated that most of the crimes which are committed in our country are by young people. She believes that the youths who engaged in the crimes were at one point in time themselves victims of crimes.

She mentioned that at present, the church is in the process of setting up a “No more Victims” centre to “help save young people from the way they are going”. They also have plans to host a “no more Victims” concert next month and hope to start clubs so that youths could get involved in meaningful activities.

The church has a hotline available for persons who want to talk or have someone pray for them. The hotline number is 456-4563. (VM)