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PMC to hold ‘One Nation Festival’

PMC to hold ‘One Nation Festival’

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The need for Vincentians to realize how far we have reached as a nation over the past 30 years has caused the People’s Movement for Change (PMC) to organize this Friday’s Independence Festival.{{more}}

Dubbed the “One People, One Nation Festival of Independence”, the PMC aims to highlight two of this country’s many aspects of independence at the rally which begins today at 4:30 pm at Heritage Square.

Chairman of the PMC Oscar Allen, speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, said that over the years, independence celebrations have only chronicled the accomplishments of the political party in power at the time.

He said that there is a need for Vincentians to have a larger, more comprehensive understanding of where we have moved.

“When we look back and ask ourselves what is there that independence has taught us about our progress, we find it had to answer.”

“We plan to bring the whole nation together, people of different parties, religion, age and genders and to begin the process of measuring our progress.”

Allen said that at the celebration, the topic of education and the credit union movement in St. Vincent and the Grenadines will be in focus.

He indicated that Friday’s event will be an ongoing annual event, and hopes that the powers that be will follow its example in the future by informing Vincentians of the nation’s progress.

“We in the PMC say lets celebrate independence knowing what has happened over the years. This celebration will be intense, informative and enjoyable.”

The celebration, which was previously scheduled to take place last week, will feature addresses by Simeon Greene, Curtis King, Philip Jackson, Anesia Baptiste among others, as well as cultural presentations.(JJ)